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Offline Advertising Vs Online Advertising

Offline Advertising Vs Online Advertising

With the proliferation of the internet and social media and continuation of the use of traditional marketing, by even the most successful businesses, makes it important that your decision on the right choice of medium to market your brand is well informed to prove beneficial.

In an era mostly dominated by businesses of all sizes with the goal to maximize profit, attaining a level of understanding of the advantages of both methods of marketing is vital in achieving this.

Offline Advertising/ Marketing

Traditional advertising or offline marketing is the creation of brand awareness through traditional marketing strategies. They are strategies that do not involve the direct use of the internet. It could take the form of television and radio ads, print publications, direct mails, outdoor advertising, promotional gifts, trade shows or festivals or better still, word-of-mouth.


This is quite an underestimated form of advertising for the kind of impact it has.

  • Trust

Traditional advertising tends to build trust faster. Businesses that engage in high- quality traditional marketing media look more credible in the eyes of the customers.

  • Lasting Impressions on Customers

Several surveys have recorded that people remember traditional ads particularly print ads like flyers, posters, brochures better than online ads. It also requires more focus while reading because there are no distracting pop-up ads and notifications.

  • It cannot be easily ignored

Lots of people encounter different forms of offline marketing every day, consciously or unconsciously. It could be in the form of outdoor advertising, product packaging, radio advertisements or flyers distributed on the streets.

  • Targets people offline

Offline advertising helps brands target a large portion of the population, the older generation, those who choose to switch off and all those who for one reason of the other are not online.

Online Advertising/ Marketing

Online advertising is the form of advertising that utilizes the internet, its tools and applications to boost brand awareness. It involves registering on online listings, search engine optimization (SEO), creating a website, opening social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook), online banner advertisements, email marketing, video blogging and others.


  • Convenience

With a computer and sound internet connection, customers can easily access various types of business across the globe at the comfort of their homes.

  • Measurability

One can easily assess real-time results and measure the return on investment (ROI) of online marketing activities using online tools. For instance the impressions or insights, follows, likes, views, shares, and even purchases can all be measured.

  • Global Reach

In this form of advertising, brands are not limited to promoting their products and service in their neighborhood. The business has a wider reach and is able to reach customers even outside their country.

  • Customers Feedback

Online advertising allows customers to send an email or comment on your post if they have any comments, questions, and criticisms of your brand. This also allows you to quickly address their concerns through the appropriate channels.



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