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Brand Activation Ideas to Get You Started

Brand Activation Ideas to Get You Started

If you are searching for ideas and inspiration on how to grow your brand awareness, otherwise known as brand activation, then you are at the right place.    These tips will help you connect with your target audience in ways that will increase your returns in no time.

Business owners and marketing executives are constantly seeking for ways to reach more people with your brand’s message, products and services. Regrettably, this is not always an easy task to achieve. In a nutshell, brand activation is the process of creating awareness for a brand by engaging with its target market.

Your brand can break through the noise on the internet and competitors fighting for market share with a few points below:

  • Promote Unique Customer experiences

The key to creating a great consumer experience is making it unique. It should be something your audience has not seen or done before; something they are not used to.

  • Encourage Customer Promotion

We live in an era of social connectivity or social media, so if the target markets are not talking about your brand of Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, then you are not connecting well enough. The best way to achieve the necessary buzz is to prompt your market to post about your brand.

  • Solve a problem

Before any customer would buy a product, the question ‘why do I need this?’ will definitely cross their mind and if your product successfully answers that question, that will be a great start. In order to boost awareness for your brand, you must be able to solve a problem.

  • Jump on Specific Trends

The younger generation of buyers enjoy trends and if you must penetrate this market, you must be willing to jump on trends in order to keep your brand relevant in their space. Channel your message in line with trends in order to capture attention.

  • Make the event interactive

This is the point where experiential marketing comes to play.  This is engagement marketing that seeks to help brands interact directly with a target audience and create a powerful customer-to-brand experience.

  • Connect your brand to something you customers love

The easiest way to increase brand awareness is to connect your brand to something your audience already loves. For instance the beer brand knows its target market and the fact that the target market loves football. Therefore, they craft their marketing around that theme.

  • Promote Brand Values

A brand’s values are what turn casual customers into raving fans of a brand. To be certain of the success of your brand activation, you must talk about the key values of the brand. Your brand values answers the question ‘what does your stand for’? Then you build your activation around it.

  • Product Feature

Tell your audience about the necessary new features or an upgrade of your product.

The whole point of brand activation is to pay attention to your audience needs, how they would benefit from your product, the problems your product intends to solve, make the experience relatable and shareable. Also, make it unforgettable and basically rewarding for your audience.



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