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Why You Should Use Experiential Marketing

Why You Should Use Experiential Marketing

We are defined by our experiences and the great ones create strong emotional attachments in us. It is for this reason that smart brands are increasingly putting experiential marketing campaigns at the very core of their strategy. This allows them to connect with customers on a deep level and the customers to better understand the brand.

What is experiential Marketing?

The term experiential marketing or engagement marketing is a technique that seeks to help brands interact directly with a target audience and create a powerful customer-to-brand experience. With experiential marketing, brands communicate their messages to their audience with live and interactive brand experience.

The aim it seeks to achieve is simple and the good thing is that, there are many ways to achieve it which makes experiential marketing broad. It involves all forms of brand activation which could range from stunts and product sampling to immersive experiences and much more.

It has become particularly important with the advent of social media which has helped marketers to amplify its effect.

Why Experiential Marketing is Important

It is a fact that the sensory experience of our interactions with brands not only influences what we buy it also influences how frequently we buy and how we consume our purchases. It taps into our senses to trigger a desired reaction. Every of our five senses help us differentiate one brand from another and each sense can affect the other. This makes experiential marketing important because touch, taste, smell, sight and sound will activate the emotions that make us desire certain products.

This can create lasting impressions on potential and existing customers and even convert them into brand advocates. Experiential marketing if executed properly creates not only customer loyalty but customer advocacy.

The attributes of immediacy and intimacy of experiential marketing helps brands become relevant, useful and exciting.

The good thing is that the benefits of experiential marketing extend much further than the immediate experience of an event. The advent of social media helps an experiential event reach beyond its physical boundaries thereby, creating live virtual experiences for those further afield which is highly impressive.

Quite a number of consumers say that friends’ posts about a brand’s experience has influenced and made them more likely to buy from that brand.

A Few Pointers to Consider When Engaging in Experiential Marketing

  • Consider Your customers Preferences
  • Consider the Positioning of your brand
  • Consider ways to create an experience that is mutually beneficial often through establishing an emotional connection to show your care for customers and display your products at the same time.
  • Encourage your customers to share their experience ONLINE!

How to Measure the Success of Experiential Marketing

For your experiential marketing campaign to be successful, you need to define what success looks like for you. A few ways to do this includes:

  • Establish your goals first
  • Then define how you measure your goals
  • Do your demographic research extensively
  • Also create engagement by encouraging people to share their experiences online
  • Finally make your audience remember your campaign!




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