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Web Hosting

These days, almost everyone who has a business online has a website. Anyone is up to the task considering the price of web hosting in terms of the initial and ongoing costs. So, what is web hosting? It is what makes it possible for your website to go live, online and be viewed by website […]
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Reputation Marketing: The Future of Marketing

Ironically speaking, reputation management does not have the greatest reputation. A lot of brands as well as business owner associate reputation management with crisis management. It is not something they usually consider until the actual problem arises. The industry of reputation management has overtime given voice to these negative habits of thought, building the fear […]
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Approaches to Getting New Customers

The purpose of every business is primarily to start up and make profit in the long-run. This profit can only be made if there are customers who readily purchase products or services offered by the business. Most times, businesses have great services or products but they fail or fold-up due to their inability to find […]
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Advertising Methods to Boost Your Business

You will agree that advertising has evolved over the years into a vastly complex form of communication. Different ways exists by which a business can get their messages across to its consumers. The advertisers in question have a vast array of choices at their disposal. Advertising on the Internet provides many of these options with […]
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Tips to Create an Advertising Plan

Advertising is a marketing activity that uses sponsored, non-personal messages to reach potential or existing customers. It is used by businesses to boost sales of products or services. They are paid for by companies and sell an idea or product/service. An Ad plan is a blueprint for how you will use advertising to promote your […]
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How to Measure the effectiveness of Print Advertising Campaign

When you run a digital advertising campaign, you can monitor click-through rates (CTR) through social media engagements and goal tracking in Google Analytics to see how the campaign is fairing. With these tools, you can adapt the campaign if you are not getting the desired results. It is also important to track print advertising campaigns […]
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Seeking To Write a Winning Blog Post?

There are tons of tutorials available on the internet that seems to show and encourage you on how to write a blog post. This post aims to teach a big dreamer a step to step guide on how to write a winning blog post that cuts through the noise on the internet. This guide will […]
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Debunking Entrepreneurial Myths

Approximately two in every 10 people worldwide have a business or are considering the idea of starting a business. Many entrepreneurs launch a business to pursue opportunity. On the other hand, some entrepreneurs do so out of sheer necessity because it is the most promising way to earn a living. Whatsoever may be your reason, […]
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Starting a Business with no Money?

Most times, it is overwhelming and complicated to come up with a business idea and following through with starting a business. A lot of factors have to be considered; coming up with an idea, registering the business, business plan, fundraising and many more. The following factors are key points to consider before delving into a […]
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Tips to Increase Audience Engagement at Events

To continuously host successful events, it is important to increase audience engagement. Hosting event is a critical component of any brand’s marketing strategy because one-on-one is the best way to engage current and potential customers. This engagement makes the event fun, interactive and makes room for brand growth, awareness and expansion. To ensure that your […]
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