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Dodo Pizza Launches in Lagos

Dodo Pizza Launches in Lagos

The brand Dodo Pizza is a modern style pizza outlet and other fast food items. It was founded in 2011 in Russia to offer a contemporary style for dining in or take out and commit only of the highest standards. A holistic attention is paid to quality and choice of ingredients to make sure that only the best freshly baked pizzas are served.

As the demand for pizza continues to shoot up, there is the need to match this with the prompt supply of pizza to quench such cravings for pizza lovers or foodies in general. In this vein, Dodo Pizza launched its first and the biggest pizza outlet at Ikeja City Mall in the hub of Lagos, Nigeria.


To drive the much desired awareness, CityMarketing distributed its choice fliers across the urban metropolis with the aim of reaching the brand’s target audience.

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