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Points to Remember for Brand Campus Activation

Points to Remember for Brand Campus Activation

If your brand is launching a new line that could use some hype or needs to get more recognition or is basically just starting up, a campus activation campaign can be great in setting the ball rolling in the right direction. Every brand has a unique audience for individualized goal, therefore, you have to personalize your brand activation to reach your audience in a creative manner.

When it comes to brand campus activation, it can mean two things depending on the perspective of the marketer. On a smaller scale, campus brand activation is necessary to get the word out to students when a new product is released or to increase awareness surrounding an entire brand.

By so doing, the brand is physically activated as attention is brought to the campaign in a setting where the product is immediately relevant. What this activation does is that it puts the product in the hands of students in an interactive way that creates a lasting impression and positive feeling towards the brand in general.

To some marketers, it could also mean to focus more on the consumers themselves. For instance, when a consumer is physically engaging with a brand in any way, it is considered brand activation.

There are over 50,000 students enrolled in universities each year, campus activation allows brands to connect and engage with these students.

Here are a few pointers to consider when engaging in campus activation:

  • Consider boosting sales by linking the event directly to a new release or a featured item or event.
  • Consider using an emotional response with your campaign approach to ensure that people walk away having felt something.
  • Consider having a slogan that would resonate with that class of students.
  • Consider planning your campaign to create a long lasting impression.
  • Consider an excuse that the students may use to assure themselves against patronizing your brand and then break it down.
  • Consider telling a captivating story with your brand.
  • Consider aligning your campaign with their interests.

If you want to activate multiple campuses during the same week to save costs on assets, at this point, CityMarketing has a track record to execute flawlessly. By so doing, the brand team focuses on the message and results. You don’t have to break a sweat.

CityMarketing conveys your messaging to a large number of students with scale and ease.



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