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CityMarketing: Offers The Best Of Vehicle Branding In Lagos.

CityMarketing: Offers The Best Of Vehicle Branding In Lagos.

A branded vehicle is a specific tool that is used to deliver an advertisement to its intended audience.
Vehicle branding is a great way to advertise your brand on the road. This is definitely true because of its creativity, it is economic and also has a brilliant reach. Can be likened to a moving billboard that catches attention everywhere it goes. With the everyday bustling in Lagos and every other state in Nigeria, Vehicle branding can be lucrative for your business. CityMarketing, a Lagos based advertising subsidiary of SkillPatron is capable of wrapping any vehicle, of any size, as your need dictates.

So if you are struggling to increase your brand exposure with limited advertising funds, Try out CityMarketing.
Vehicle branding in Lagos is an extremely fun and interactive way to engage with large audiences by branding your vehicle to suit your corporate profile.
It is most visible and important marketing tools providing you mobile advertising space for promoting your brand and corporate identity at all potential places and venues.
This way, you get to carry your brand wherever you go which is a highly innovative and cost-effective way to increase your brand awareness.

Vehicle branding in Lagos is a cost effective way to create a huge impact on thousands of your potential customers every day. Citymarketing’s dedicated team and experienced graphics designers produce innovative and stylish design that will reach your target audience and enable business growth.

Below is a List of why you should use CityMarketing for your Vehicle Branding in Lagos and other states of Nigeria to advertise your brand.
• Vehicle Branding is synonymous to a virtual moving billboard at a much friendlier cost.
• You can brand just one vehicle and get almost unlimited reach and viewership.
• You get a higher customer-to-cost ratio leading to a higher return on your marketing spend.
• The absolute eye-catching and modular designs increase brand retention amongst potential target market
• You Vehicle Branding can be used for ongoing brand promotions and seasonal campaigns to get greater brand exposure.

Without mincing words, CityMarketing is the best vehicle branding company in Lagos as it provides creative and informative banners which will display and promote your business on the go. Our full wrap branding covers the entire visible surface of the vehicle body with an adhesive vinyl material. Your vehicle paint is completely protected and the installed printed vinyl material can be removed afterwards with no damage to the paint. (So, no stories that touches).
Our partial wrap, as the name suggests covers only a selected portion of the vehicle. A perfectly designed partial wrap vehicle branding integrates into the color of vehicle and looks like a full wrap. It is a good solution for companies working within limited budget.
CityMarketing as a true vehicle branding company takes pride in everything we do. Ranging from the products and services we deliver for our clients to the team culture we’ve built within our company.

Let me quickly work you through the DO’s and DONT’s of vehicle branding in Lagos:

In order for you to get the most out of your vehicle branding investment, you must recognize how best to represent your company with quality graphics and how not to become a local nuisance. About 86% of people in Lagos drive to work or commute in some way via vehicle, what this ultimately means is that we spend a lot of our time in and around vehicles. Therefore, it should be noted that many businesses take advantage of the vehicle and commute-bound situations to use vehicles as advertisements. By just driving to and from their place of business, a vehicle advertisement can get 30,000 to 70,000 daily vehicular impressions.

  •  Never overload your vehicle with graphics or information. DO keep it simple
    Consider what is your most important information. It should consist of your contact information i.e your business name and basically what you do. It necessarily does not mean that you should start listing all your services. Remember that your audience has just a few seconds to digest the information. Go straight to the point (Be clear and concise). It will help viewers recognize your brand or company.
  • Never make the mistake of using overly flowery font. Endeavour to use a font that can be read from a distance.
    Any time you are collaborating with your Vehicle Branding in Lagos or with your sign/print company, endeavor to select a font that is easy to read from a far. Your first instinct may be to the select the unique Lobster font, bear in mind that your potential customers are going to have a much easier time reading a more traditional font, say Calibri than that.
  • Never attempt branding on just the vehicle sides. Always remember that your vehicle is a three dimensional object.

Vehicle branding can be viewed from the front, sides and the back. Ensure critical information like your phone number and website are easily read from the sides and back of your vehicle without barriers.

Secondly, be aware that not all vehicles are the same. During the designing of your branding wrap or smaller graphics, ensure you design for the vehicle you plan on advertising on. Some parts of vehicles like the say bumpers, certain windows or rails might not be able to be well covered.

  • Never attempt to use poor quality photos on your vehicle. Ensure to use professional photography.

Whenever you decide on using photo images when branding your vehicle, always use professionally photographed image. You may say that your company vehicle is a little smart car, just ensure that the images used to brand your vehicle will need to be enlarged significantly in order to be easily seen. Any blurry image on a company vehicle looks SUPER unprofessional. Trust me you want your vehicle’s branding to reflect the high-quality work you do.

  • Always send the right message. Never confuse your customers.
  • Never be boring. Make a statement.

Use CityMarketing to grow your number of walk-in customers, online orders, inbound phone calls, email & social media enquiries – by faultlessly executing street marketing activation campaigns using smart promo girls on skates; leaflet distribution; newspaper inserts; eCommerce; Google search advertising; social media marketing; BRT bus/keke fleet advertising & roadshows in the busiest hangout spots, traffic routes, markets, malls, hotels, schools, mosques & churches all over Nigeria.

Call us today on +2341-448-9249 or 090-24000-661.

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