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CityMarketing: Your Sticker Advertising Best Plug!

CityMarketing: Your Sticker Advertising Best Plug!

To gain visibility in today’s marketing world can prove difficult sometimes, however, a few forms of advertising are as tried and true as ‘good old-fashioned’ sticker advertising. It has been proven to get people’s attention. Sticker advertising has been used by corporations, musicians, social movements, small business and brands, politicians, education and everyone with an important message and have recorded a huge success.

In A really tough world out there, showcasing your product or brand to the masses can be really tasking considering the fact that it is vying for attention in a market saturated by startups and other businesses looking to do the same thing.

Your TV spot might garner some attention, your marketing avenues should have a wide coverage, reaching people from all walks of life. While putting all of your eggs in one basket can be a safer and easier bet, putting all of your prospects into one stream is a sure-fire path to disaster.

Sticker advertising is not only a creative way to attract attention, it is also an extremely cost-effective way of creating a long lasting impression on potential customers.
Lots of companies who employ sticker advertising In Lagos, Nigeria, have seen an increase in business by as much as 120%.
One good thing about this sticker advertising is that it can be easily customized and this is probably one of the main reasons why they have become so popular.
With its cost-effective nature, more creative small businesses have diverted to sticker advertising to get a good customer conversion. Some small businesses create their brand logo and sticker advertising according to their demographics which is agreed to be a smart marketing technique.
Brands display their logo in the form of stickers on the car windshield as it grabs public attention. This is evidently displayed on Public transport like Buses, trains, bikes, ships, these above have always been the best source in sticker Advertising.

The rationale behind sticker advertising basically is that most of these stickers become eye-catchy during traffic (popularly known as Go-Slow) as people/ commuters are not left with options other than looking around. At this time, people start observing your brand sticker. Irrespective of whether it is written in small fonts, there are 85% chances that people will read it.
Sticker advertising which as a form of outdoor advertising has always been difficult to monitor or track but with CityMarketing, we are committed to having your stickers get to the right and highest number of audience.
Most of the time, you will need to get creative when pushing your product.
CityMarketing Sticker advertising market offers brands a unique opportunity to sidestep all cluttered and noisy digital channels. So, make it worth their time. Always bear in mind that Outdoor advertising has been around for a long time even when billboards were used on railways.
CityMarketing basically is an advertising agency connecting your brands with your customers. When you use Creatives like Us, be rest assured to stand out.
In case you want a creative edge for your business and looking for a creative agency in Lagos, CityMarketing will offer you the best.



Use CityMarketing to grow your number of walk-in customers, online orders, inbound phone calls, email & social media enquiries – by faultlessly executing street marketing activation campaigns using smart promo girls on skates; leaflet distribution; newspaper inserts; eCommerce; Google search advertising; social media marketing; BRT bus/keke fleet advertising & roadshows in the busiest hangout spots, traffic routes, markets, malls, hotels, schools, mosques & churches all over Nigeria.

Call us today on 448-9249 or 090-24000-661.

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