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Considering Flyer Distribution Service For Your Brand? Think CityMarketing.

Considering Flyer Distribution Service For Your Brand? Think CityMarketing.

Brands world over recognize the power of flyer distribution service as one of the oldest methods of marketing. Lots of brands have been using it for such a long time.

Irrespective of the digital age experience, flier distribution services still works effectively. Social media marketing may have become an important part of marketing strategies these days, but that has not driven flyer distribution into a ditch. It is a tool for effective marketing if only distributed to the right audience.


Whether you are in Lagos or anywhere else in Nigeria, CityMarketing offers proper planning, efficient and productive methods of flier distribution service and a monitoring system which keeps a tab on how good the response is and your flyer distribution is sure to work for you.

Flyers offer a great opportunity to advertise within restricted budgets and at the very same time, generates real results in Lagos or in other neighboring across Nigeia.

The essential and most important thing to do is to pick the venue for distribution and establish the places where the target market is usually found.

CityMarketing strategically also advises you such that, it provides reason and generates a desire to purchase your product or service. Choosing the right flyer distribution service is of utmost importance since it actually plays a vital function in promoting your brand.

Below Are the Top Reasons CityMarketing Flier Distribution Service Is Your Best Choice:

  1. Very Little Expense of Advertising
    In contrast to other forms of advertising, you do not need to have a huge budget
    for flyer distributions.
  2. Quick reply and reaching across to the correct target audience

With the help of a CityMarketing flyer distribution service, you will not need to sit and wait patiently for a long time to get a response. Feedback is almost instant. You will also agree that searching for and reaching your target audience is simpler than any other medium. We simply set up your flyer distribution at a place near your target audience.

  1. Fast lead generation

If you are doing it at the right time and at the right place, flyer distribution is
probably the best way to generate leads.

4   Certainly Creative
Really, there are very few limitations if any, when it comes to flyer advertising. There is creative freedom to try out every option of whatever you want.

5   Old-school is still definitely cool
Deny this all you want, can you even? The very major reason why flyer distribution still appeals to customers is because it reminds them of the good old days. With flyers, there is a strange kind of curiosity. Unlike texts and emails, people are not in a hurry to trash it. This alone automatically ups the chances of your flyer getting read.

Having listed all that, here are other considerations to bear in mind while preparing your flyer:

In most cases, your flyer acts as the first impression of your brand which is something that you know you cannot get wrong. The saying “First time right!” comes to play. On a very good day, your flyer can be anything from A7 to A4, that’s depending on its purpose. You also do not have enough room to tell your whole story or to show off your entire product line. Because true to the point, people do not have the time to read it!

So, to make an impact, you have to pick the points you make and narrow them to a select handful.

Whether it is to push a certain product or inform about an offer of a special discount, whatever you may have in mind, treat it with respect and give it a little space. Most definitely, your flyer will be much easier to digest if your customers or clients can instantly see what message it is trying to pass across.

Your message should be as simple as possible. Also, your design is pivotal to its success.

These steps should guide you on that: Print in full colour, harmonize accurately, maintain two fonts, and Split into headings and body copy, above all make it easy to read. Never complicate your design with lots of imagery and text effects.

Make it easier to understand and cleaner to look at, then the more chances your customer will spare time to take in what it is you are trying to say.

Never make a mistake during the production process as this speaks volume on your brand. Faded and cheap production will pass-off your brand as inferior in quality.

It necessarily does not mean you need the finest quality paper or special printing effects; just make it look super presentable. (You get the point).

Clients and customers may easily forget the name of your business even what you are trying to sell, they will never so readily dismiss what your flyer is offering them (if it’s presentable).

Paramount to the success is considering every single stage of the process.

The advantage you have with CityMarketing flyer distribution service is we guarantee customer satisfaction. We allay your fears by taking pictures of each location in which our crew of flyer distribution guys have distributed your flyers in under the supervision of a project supervisor assigned to each group. These pictures are sent to your email on a daily basis.

CityMarketing Flyer distribution service is designed to help you target the right customers with required response rate within at least 3 days of distribution. Our Flyer distribution service campaign is customized based on the client’s needs, goals, and outcome which they are trying to achieve. Therefore, every method can be as simple or as sophisticated as they want.

CityMarketing Flyer distribution service provides you with the ability to print and distribute in concentrated targeted areas.

Use CityMarketing to grow your number of walk-in customers, online orders, inbound phone calls, email & social media enquiries – by faultlessly executing street marketing activation campaigns using smart promo girls on skates; leaflet distribution; newspaper inserts; eCommerce; Google search advertising; social media marketing; BRT bus/keke fleet advertising & roadshows in the busiest hangout spots, traffic routes, markets, malls, hotels, schools, mosques & churches all over Nigeria.


Call us today on +2341-448-9249 or 090-24000-661.

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