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Web Hosting by WhogoHost

Web Hosting by WhogoHost

These days, almost everyone who has a business online has a website. Anyone is up to the task considering the price of web hosting in terms of the initial and ongoing costs.

So, what is web hosting?

It is what makes it possible for your website to go live, online and be viewed by website visitors. Its contents are stored on a server that is connected to the internet so that users can have easy access to it. Whenever a page is added or a video content or whatever content you deem necessary, they are automatically uploaded to the web host. There is no website available today that does not have a web hosting, small businesses have started keying into this too. Any business can actually have a website for a number of reasons; a freelancer can have it for portfolio sake, for blogging sake and the likes. Prospective clients or customer can come to your website to check up your products and hopefully, buy from you.

There re companies that specializes in web hosting and it is very important to pay close attention to your web hosting provider. This is necessary because you do not want a situation whereby visitors who visit you website will find it difficult to access the site. When visitors have trouble with your website, it means that you will not make money. We know that business is about making profit. You must therefore look for a web service provider that offers 24/7 service and customer support in case an issue rises.

The following a list of the five most common types of web hosting and with these, you can figure out the one that best suit your needs.

  • Shared Web Hosting

Here, you actual website is on a server with other hundreds of other websites or even more. It may seem cost effective but the problem with this is that, your website can be affected by other websites. If a particular site gets more traffic than yours, there is a possibility of those actions to slow down your own website. It may seem the best option if only you are just starting up with your online business. Its only advantage becomes the fact that it is cheap but you should try to upgrade it as your business expands.

  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)

As your business expands, the virtual private server is the type of upgrade you would make with your web hosting account. With this, you bridge the gap between low cost shared hosting and having your own dedicated server. Several VPSs exists on a physical server, all sharing hardware and a guaranteed part of that server’s computing power. With this kind of upgrade, other sites hosted with it will not affect your site.  This is also based on how much dedicated bandwidth and memory you may need.

  • Dedicated Web Server

With this also, as your business progresses, there will be a need to upgrade you web hosting options immediately it outgrows VPS. It is considered as the ideal web hosting solution because it offers top notch flexibility. There are no existing web servers that may want to slow down your site and a total control by you is guaranteed. The speed and security you desire is readily available. But you will have to hire the services of a system administrator to run the server technically. The administrator will do so with the ability to have root permissions on the server.

  • Cloud Based Web Hosting

We know that everything is in the cloud these days, same as web hosting. Here, there are individual servers working in conjunction in order to create what is essentially one very robust server. So with this, you do not have to bother about your website shutting down as a result of too much traffic to the site probably as a result of a product launch or a promo offer. This type of web hosting will be able to withstand the ‘traffic-storm’ but the billing is usually customized based on what you use.

  • Reseller Web Hosting

With this type of web hosting account, one can decide to use your hard drive space and bandwidth on the server to host other people’s website. The third party ends up paying you for the service. So, basically, what you are doing is that you are reselling your web hosting space. Your profit therefore becomes the difference between what you charge your customers and what you pay for the web hosting space.

Now, let us look at free Web Hosting Solutions.

There are blogs with the following name conventions; ‘ or The major benefit with this type of web hosting is that it is free. But hold on a sec, you have to be aware of its downsides, one of which is the fact that you are stuck with the template that such website provides. This solution will only be good if you want to write for your personal blog cost effectively and not basically make money with an online presence, because it does not offer effective e-commerce abilities.

When next you are considering signing up for any type of web hosting platform, endeavor to do a proper research in order to find out the best solution for your type of business as well as that which is cost effective. On the other hand, I would advise that you go for the shared web hosting solution if you are starting an online business but bear in mind that your business will outgrow this too. At that point getting a cloud-based web hosting service or even a virtual private server or dedicated server will be the way to go. This could determine the success or failure of your online venture. Getting it right could be the difference between the success and failure of your online business.




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