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Tips on how to use blogging as a marketing tool

Tips on how to use blogging as a marketing tool

A blog rich in content cannot be over overstated. Blogging can make an enormous difference for your business in today’s marketing space. Having a blog is an avenue of sharing regular, current content with your existing or potential audience. It gives the opportunity to create contents that portray what your business has been doing and the services it provides. A very good blog is compelling and part of a series that consistently draws in the readers and encouraging them to comment. This helps to drive promotion and growth.

In order for your blog to be attractive, it has to be of interest to a large number of people. People reading it must be able to get some useful content/ information out of it. It should cut across age, gender and sometimes, profession. It should be relevant to your blog niche. In order for your blog to be relevant, post regularly, cover a variety of different topics that your audiences are likely to see and also, make sure the links are clear. A clear hyperlink is more effective in encouraging your readers to read on.

Below are tips on how to make your blog content stand out:

Your blog will in time get a following if the contents are useful to the readers. It does not matter if it is humor, news, expertise, insight or fun. The important thing is that whoever that reads what you have written should take out something useful. Make use of the plagiarism checker to ensure that your contents are unique at all times. That will endeavor that they make it a date with your blog. Irrespective of your niche, write and share posts which serve a purpose to your readers. What matters are the topics you choose to write on, your command of the language and the way you sell your brand.

Your blog should not contain what the website already talks about. Therefore, it should give your readers a much more pragmatic feeling. For every post you make, it should be long enough to provide adequate information but short enough to not be come across as boring to your readers. The best way to break up a long post is to include bullet points or any other type of formatting to make the content easier and more interesting for your readers.

Also, endeavor to include high quality pictures which relates to your content. Use a featured picture so that readers can get a quick visual aid as to what to expect from reading your blog. When you are not sure of how to blog with the help of SEO then, these few steps can help see your blog content contribute to your search engine rankings rise. You have to include the keywords you are targeting on your site a couple of times in each blog post to assist your SEO but do not overload each post with the keyword. Adhere to one or two uses of the keyword in a post as any more will risk Google pushing your rankings below for trying to inundate the site. A great way of including them without going overboard is by putting your keywords into the title, into your meta-description and in the URL of your post. You can enlist the services of companies who specialize in writing blogs for SEO purposes. A sure way to finding a content writer for your site is from their previous clients and the testimonials they have to share. Do not shoot yourself on the foot by feeling like you cannot ask for the help of a writer. The testimonials are a great way of discovering how good a writer is.

You should also bear in mind that when writing blog posts as well as trying to grow your audience, it must look good when opened on a mobile device. If it does not look good, there is likelihood that it will lose audience support. This is because traffic coming from mobiles and tablets are increasing on a daily basis and this can only progress. So when planning and previewing your posts, endeavor to test how it will turn out on a different device. Test to see how the sizes of the images and the positioning of the text will turn out until you are confident that your blog will be appearing for traffic from all sources.

Furthermore, the frequency at which you post matters a lot. Make sure that whatever frequency you choose to update your blog can be maintained. It could be daily, weekly, or fortnightly. The watchword here is consistency. Never start a blog and abandon it halfway. The contents should be fresh and more frequent, this will allow your website to climb up search engine rankings and gain more visibility.

Have a blogging style which could be formal or informal as this will go a long way in giving your readers a reflection of a human face. They will feel what your company is about before even enlisting your services. Add some personality to it and keep the sales pitch down. This is somewhat of a reverse psychology act and will more likely make people to respond to your by buying whatever service you have to offer.

Remember, your blog post should be about 400 words but if you are longer than that, consider serializing it. This is so because readers tend to scan blog contents, do them a favor and let the word count.

Lastly, the fact that your blog is not getting any comments should not get you discouraged. It does not mean that it is not being read. Consider then number of times that you have read articles from other blogs; you do not leave comments. But as your readership base expands, the comments will begin to roll in.


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