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Effective Offline Marketing Ideas

Effective Offline Marketing Ideas

Many people believe these days that digital marketing is the only way to get positive results. Asides the fact that this may be true for a particular target market, most of the best marketing idea takes place offline. A good marketer is one who combines both online and offline ideas seamlessly as a complete package. Whether you have been putting much effort into your offline marketing tactics or not, the time to give that business the much needed boost is now. You just have to incorporate these ideas and they are not any different from the inspirations that are all around you; you just need to know where to look.

  • Make good use of printed marketing materials

One of the ways to get your brand message out to your target market is to distribute printed marketing materials. The use of flyers may seem like an old tactic but it does not mean that the results will not be evident. Most especially, if you are heading to a trade show or trying to gain visibility in a particular area.

You should at all times go the extra mile to innovate beyond the standard everyday routine. There exists many creative ways you can get the attention of your target markets with the attention of flyers and pamphlets, just make sure they are worthy of been read, been kept and be saved. You can make great flyers worth keeping by printing out educative info-graphics and turn them to flyers or adding discount at the bottom of the flyer and also include your contact information.

  • Make use of billboards

If you want your billboards to stand out, you must go for innovative designs. A lot of benefits can be gained from the use of outdoor advertising most especially if the billboard is located in high traffic areas. You may look at it like a big expense considering that the billboard space does not come cheap but the exposure is always worth it in the end. Always endeavor that a call to action and contact information are clearly printed to make the most of the investment. Remember also that you need your message to be digested in a single glance.

In order to save money on billboards, you can have your vehicles wrapped and turn them into mobile billboard or you could use Citymarketing bus or public transport advertising that are targeted to reach your chosen audience. The contact information is down below this write up.

You can also partner with another business for a joint campaign and share the costs for a premium billboard. Strategically carry out research about the demographics of your target market to ensure that your billboard will be seen by your target market. This means that you cannot place your billboard just anywhere.

  • Product packaging

When selling physical goods with a lot of competition, there is need to ensure that your product packaging is well thought out. Different ways abound by which you can boost your brand’s exposure on the shelves by simply packaging it differently. An incentive such stickers or any branded souvenir can be given out with every purchase of your product so that loyal customers of your brand can spread the word. You can update your product packaging by changing the orientation from landscape to portrait, incorporating recycled materials into you packaging and lastly, try out different design prototypes to see what your customers prefer.

  • Be creative with your business cards

When you invest in well-made and beautifully designed business cards, it is one of the most effective ways to get your business out there. Distinguish your brand by choosing a unique design that reflects your brand values and creativity. Do well to ensure that everyone in your company has card to give away, this is because you never know when they will need to share your business details with a potential customer.

Just like in all designs, consider what you want against what it costs. If you have a particular design in mind or better still, walk into a design shop and pick to check for specific look and feel of the options available before settling for a particular type of business card paper. Bear in mind that the business card is an extension of your brand and therefore it is helpful if it is consistent with your brand elements. Never use a different font style, logo or color than the ones you use on any other brand collaterals. To make your business card stand out, you can use colored cards instead of the usual white.

  • Participate in trade shows

One way to gain exposure for your business is to attend and participate in trade shows. If you are selling or displaying, there is a possibility that you will generate quality lead in just a few days. Ensue that you promotional materials are in line with your objectives in order not to waste valuable time and resources. In order to get the best out of the trade show, identify a particular gimmick so that, your target market will flock to you booth, discount or give away free samples for every lead you collect, have a follow up on everyone who gives you their contact information within a week.

  • Offer specific group discounts

A better way to foster brand loyalty and getting your message out there is by throwing a sale. With this, you offer discounts to a specific target market by making them feel privileged while also boosting leads and sales. Publicize the incentive and you will even get the attention of prospective clients who have never heard of you before. You could give away discounts by choosing particular demographics such as new moms, newlyweds, students and give them their sales week. You can also partner with other stores in your area to offer discounts that work together. For example, the partnership between KFC and Pepsi.

  • Celebrate holidays with your clients. This will go a long way in saying ‘I care about you’.

Send out gifts to special customers on their birthday or do a special shout-out. They will appreciate it more and credit you as been thoughtful.


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