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Tips for Successful Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Business

Over the years, real estate industry has had some interesting ups and down. There is fierce competition and to really thrive in this space, you will need to engage the services of online and offline marketing strategies to distinguish yourself from the pack.

Real estate marketing is simply the promotion of your property business through the entire necessary available medium to get leads and make sales. This may also be termed ways to promote your property and accommodation business to prospects either for letting or selling.

Real estate agents have over the years helped people buy and sell off their properties. Nevertheless in the new era, agents need to find innovative ways to reach a larger audience. If you are starting out in the estate business or you are already a professional, you should always look for new methods to improve your marketing initiatives. I have broken down a list of strategies that will bring additional income and definitely maximize the current one.

  • Property Staging

When buying a property, it is an emotional experience for some. Lots of people love to imagine what life would look like if they were living in a particular setting. So, in your best interest, do not put up for sale an entirely empty house. This will not get you the positive impression you want to elicit. Put in some well-designed furniture and a few decorated picture frames that will give the potential buyer an idea of what it will feel like to live in it.

  • Property Franchise

Property Franchising is a great idea if you are starting up or are in the real estate market for quite some time. By so doing, you will learn marketing methodologies from the experts of an already established business. They will provide you and the team with the necessary training to navigate the business space. Also, a benefit of starting real estate business with a franchise is that they have an established image, proven management, and work practices. The business will benefit from this and it can be a great learning experience.

  • The power of social media

The need to have an active social media presence in this digital era cannot be overstated. Upload your work and projects on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest and many other medium that is relevant to helping you achieve sale. They are great platforms to reach a greater audience and promote your properties listings. A lot of property listings abound online where you can post up your social links.

  • Email Newsletters

You must create an email contact list of new leads and current clients and send them a marketing email newsletter. Craft professional newsletters as this will help you track who viewed them, what they clicked on as well as who unsubscribed from the email campaign. Endeavor not to be in that category of email newsletter that people prefer putting in their spam folder. You can add useful real estate news, industry trends, and tips in real estate.

5) Host Seminars
The term marketing is simply reaching out to an already defined target audience and you can do this through hosting seminars. This seminar could be on buying a new property or selling a property or anything related to real estate. Consider post-event surveys they are a great way to get feedback about the event.

6) Press Releases
You are advised to once in a while write about something interesting going on with your company. It could be about your latest achievement or projects that just got sold or even just got completed and get it published online. Make sure to get it published in at least a local newspaper that is within your audience reach. Also, link it up on your website and social media pages.

7) Approachable and Responsive
Actively being responsive is a great approach to letting people know about your business. One way to be approachable is by updating your business website and social media handles with contact details and online chat options. Your website and social media handles should be designed such that it shows on all screen sizes.

8) Request for testimonials from former clients
Upload testimonials from your former clients on your website and social media pages. This goes a long way to show that real people are endorsing and patronizing your services, this will get people to believing and trusting your business. If a client had a great experience with you, contact them and ask for a testimonial.

9) Get branded
Place your business logo and offers on various freebie products like pens, shirts, umbrellas, notebook and mugs. You will be required to give out these branded goodies at events and seminars to spread goodwill information about your brand. You can also engage the services of an advertising agency to push your brand on a large scale through marketing channels.





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