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Seeking To Write a Winning Blog Post?

Seeking To Write a Winning Blog Post?

There are tons of tutorials available on the internet that seems to show and encourage you on how to write a blog post. This post aims to teach a big dreamer a step to step guide on how to write a winning blog post that cuts through the noise on the internet. This guide will share tips used by professional writers to create that are adored by thousands of readers. It will teach you how to craft headlines, write captivating introductions and absolute fine conclusions. It will also inspire you on how to polish your posts once you are done writing.

It will not take much of your time, just take a few minutes and you will be glad you did.

  • Create a headline that readers will not overlook

The biggest mistake bloggers make is to write blog posts before the headline. The headline is the roadmap to follow and if there is no headline, there is bound to be confusion as the points will go in different directions, which would ultimately leave the reader disoriented. And what they now try to do is to craft a headline that will embrace all that confusion. In order to write a great blog post that has clarity, conviction and conciseness, take your time to craft a quality headline that gives clearance and destination and lures readers in. It is the roadmap that will allow you to know which literary road to choose and which to avoid so that your readers reach the intended destination as easily and efficiently as possible. These steps can help you achieve the killer headline you desire.

  1. Choose a mouth-watering topic:

If you want your blog post to get opened, your headline must promise readers the very answer they sought for when they decided to click on your link. Be specific about the benefits, this will make the readers compelled to click and get the solution they desire.  In order to find out which blog post a reader will deem important, all you have to do is make your research. Conduct extensive research by viewing comments on your posts or on posts from other sites that are in your niche. You can even send survey to your subscribers asking them what their struggles are. Make use of tools to find out the most popular posts in your niche, this will give you insights into your readers’ needs. Pay attention to review because they are quite insightful too. Your responsibility as a blogger is to serve your audience needs. To serve them is to know them and before long, you would have known them so intimately well they will feel you are reading their minds, this will be reflected in your headline.

      2. Engage your senses

Unclear headline leave readers feeling empty while a clear one cannot be overstated. It leaves them feeling understood. To create a clear headline, you have to put yourself in the shoes of your readers. Ask yourself ‘what will they like to read? What do they see? What do they hear?’ Use words that engage their senses. Once your headline can give voice to their exact experience, they will feel like the post was written for them.

       3.   Tease, Don’t Satisfy

Do not give away too much in your headline; this is a mistake many make. The headline should lure in like a literary temptress. It should attract readers’ attention and pique their interest and not give a solution. Offer a solution in your headline and readers’ will feel no need to go any further. The thought of reading the post will bore them. If this happens, you will not only lose your readers, the will also loose the richness of your post.

       4. Honor the headline Commandment

The headline commandment should never be broken. i.e thou shall not deceive. It may seem like the right thing to do but a lot of bloggers always flout this rule. You should never over-promise. A lot of bloggers write headlines that are totally different from the content. This is unacceptable. Your content must be able to deliver exactly what the headline promises and when the post delivers only part of what it promises, your audience will feel misled and lose their trust in you.

  • Your Introduction Should Grab And Seduce

Your readers have been drawn in by your headline, you have to sustain that curiosity. This may not be easy because readers are fickle. They are known to take a quick glance and vanish. Therefore you must fight to keep them there through the way you craft your introduction. A common way people fail at this is by trying to sound too academic. This will only serve to bore the readers. When you strive to captivate readers, emphasis must be placed on triggering their emotions. These emotions could be that of hope, joy, fear, anger, shame, disgust, love, comfort etc. So, you have to ask yourself, ‘if you were to be the reader, what do you want to experience’? Then pick up that baton and run with it so that when they read, your words come off as authentic.

  1. Open with a short sentence
  2. Paragraphs should be between one to three sentences
  3. Transitions should be used to weave sentences together
  4. Let the sentences and paragraphs lure readers into the one that follows
  5. Check the flow of your write-up by reading it out loud

The readers should be taken on a journey and these steps will infuse rhythm into your words.

  • Close with a Motivational Bang

Inspire your readers; Proof to them that they have come this far and capable of sticking their heads up high, tell them what life will look like if they implement your advice. The closing must be able to allow the reader take action. Never make the mistake of suddenly including new information in your concluding paragraph. This will throw the whole closing off and leave readers feeling ruffled instead of applauding. A lot of bloggers do not put the conclusion part into consideration.

After all these have been done, edit you post. Do this by reading it aloud.


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