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How to Measure the effectiveness of Print Advertising Campaign

How to Measure the effectiveness of Print Advertising Campaign

When you run a digital advertising campaign, you can monitor click-through rates (CTR) through social media engagements and goal tracking in Google Analytics to see how the campaign is fairing. With these tools, you can adapt the campaign if you are not getting the desired results. It is also important to track print advertising campaigns and make similar adjustments, but the truth still remains that it is harder to monitor the results of non-digital adverts.

Below are a few tips that can be used to measure the effectiveness of print advertising.

  • A simple -how did you hear about us question should do the trick

Ad campaign irrespective of whether print or digital aims to raise business profile, create awareness and persuade customers to buy a product or service. Materials that company send out during a campaign might encourage people to visit your website as well as other platforms, thereby making difficult to know which visitors have arrived at your site from social, organic searches or as a result of the printed adverts that were sent out. One of the best ways to find out where someone has come from and why they have visited you website or how much the advert resonates with your audience is with a quick survey question at the checkout or in a post-sale follow-up email. This question could be simply- how did you hear about the sale question? There could be drop-down options and pay attention to how many customers chose the printed ads column. When no one or just a few customers choose the print ad column as their reason for visiting, this means the advert is not having the right kind of impact on your target audience therefore, it is time to change strategy.

  • A Unique landing page

The same monitoring technique can be used for both digital and print advertising. You could do this by sending those that see your advert to a unique landing page instead of including your website’s landing page. If you subscribe to this method, it is advised that you keep the URL short and easy to remember most especially if you are looking at flyers, posters, banners, billboards or other methods that people may see in passing.

Just like it is with digital adverts, website analytics can be used to measure return on investment, conversion rates, traffic and all other necessary data that give an insight  into how many people visited the page and how many of such people were converted into customers. So you can use different landing pages within the same campaign to see which adverts do the best and where you response rate is highest. For instance, you could use separate landing pages for a direct mail brochure and a large billboard in order to see which attracts the most visitors.

  • Special Offers

Irrespective of whatever you may have heard, advertising through print is just as important as ever. But in order to have a successful print campaign, the customers have to be offered something that shows you value them. The use of flyers and booklets are perfect for shopping vouchers because with these, customers can use them to claim a discount when shopping with you or even getting their hands on a free item. Give them away at exhibitions or include them inn packages sent to existing customers. This discount or special offer can be an extremely successful way to attract new customers to your site as they can make someone feel valued and appreciated. Just like you have with other landing pages, you can create unique codes for different advertising methods and the data can be used to see which is the most effective.

Furthermore, the data can also be used to better understand your customers’ demographics and to create more targeted campaigns in the future. Whichever way you choose to distribute them, they are an easy way of measuring the effectiveness of your print advertising campaign. These codes can be tracked like any other aspect of the website. By so doing, you will know exactly where a visitor has come from when they redeem the discount code.

  • Monitor your sale

We know that it is expected to track your sale and monitor your business performance. But what this means is that you should keep the date that you started your pint advertising campaign in mind and when you think people began to see your adverts.

Check to see if the figure improved or remained consistent after the date to see if your adverts had the desired impact. The monitor your sale method is quite less accurate than some of the methods that we have covered but it is quick and an inexpensive way of measuring how effective adverts have been.

When you notice no improvement in sales but a large increase in website visit or phone calls, then be assured that your advert is doing its job but maybe the customers are not finding what they are looking for when they engage with your business. This translates that the advert is a success but there are other changes that you need to think about making.

I am certain that with these techniques in mind, you cannot wait to roll out your next print advertising campaign. In order to make your adverts more eye-catching, effective and professional-looking, give CityMarketing team a call. The team has been successfully providing the best quality service to businesses of all sizes for the last five years. Furthermore, you can find out more about our staff and different ways that we can help your business to smash its marketing goals with regards to print advertising.


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