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All You Need To Know About Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

All You Need To Know About Billboard Advertising in Nigeria

Billboard advertising is a popular means of advertising located outdoors, usually near an interstate or highway. Diverse types of businesses and organizations advertise on billboards across Nigeria, including churches, retail shops and restaurants. Even though billboards have changed dramatically over the years, their purpose has remained the same.

The history of billboard advertising can be traced back to Thebes, an ancient Egyptian city, as long as 3,000 years ago. In 1794, it was made popular with the invention of lithography which is a type of printing that uses oil and water. The company, Wall Drug Company was the first company to institute a nationwide advertising campaign using billboards in 1931.

The phrase “billboard” is derived from billing board i.e large outdoor advertising space designed to capture the attention of motorists and pedestrians alike. Usually, it is placed around automotive and foot high-traffic areas billboards are meant to be simple and striking.

Creative agencies prize billboards space for its golden opportunity to do groundbreaking, impactful work.

In the past, it used to be created using sections of paper pasted together to form one image, however, it is more common in the millennium to see digital printing on vinyl material. The process allows the entire image to be printed on one sheet and makes it possible to be erected quickly and easily.

Customary billboards are mostly seen on major highways and smaller streets in Nigeria alike. They are usually constructed from wood and metal upon which a printed sheet of paper or vinyl is glued. They contain signs that are large ranging in sizes from 12 by 24 feet to 14 by 48 feet. The signs are usually only able to portray one piece of advertising for an extended period of time.

The largest billboard available in a campaign is known as the “bulletin” but billboard sizes can vary greatly depending on location of choice. A classic size is usually 14 feet high by 48 feet wide.






A digital billboard advertising buy is usually for 12 weeks, this makes it highly important for the content to be at least somewhat evergreen. The content is a very quick read and therefore should not contain a lot of information. Billboard advertising is the ideal place for long-term messaging.

However, anything more reactive should be placed in other media; say like handbills and in some cases stickers. Billboard advertising can be inexpensive depending on the size and location nevertheless, the expense must be weighed against the kind of message you want to get across to your audience in any part of Nigeria.

With digital billboards creative executions can be personalized or swapped out with other ads. Brands can sometimes choose to timeshare their ads with other companies, swapping out every few minutes as is obtainable in some strategic cities in Nigeria.




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