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Rodrill Movers has figured out how to make home & office “moving” cheaper and less stressful

Rodrill Movers has figured out how to make home & office “moving” cheaper and less stressful

Rodrill Movers was launched in 2016 with one available truck to make local lagos-based home and office moves and a couple of men to work with. Ultimate satisfaction of customers and hassle free moving was the one and only aim Rodrill Movers had in mind. Within 12 months Rodrill Movers quadrupled in terms of man power and fleet.

There are quite a lot of reasons why Rodrill Movers was started in Lagos. Moving in Lagos is not as easy as it seems. Home owners go through quite a lot of mess when it comes to move. Hassle, fatigue, miss commitments, over charging, attention less workers makes a move extremely complex and far from customer friendly. Rodrill Movers reason to provide professional moving services in Lagos and it’s surroundings were to become number one customer oriented professional moving company.

According to several industry surveys most new movers are between the ages of 18–34 and typically relocate in response to a significant life event, such as a marriage, divorce, new job, or new addition to the family. As a result, they are often rely on word of mouth to find new businesses – and those that reach them first are more likely to make a lasting impression that keeps new movers to the area coming back.

Rodrill Movers has really stepped up their the business, by having us distribute 10,000 colourful & engaging A2 sized leaflets. (We distributed 3000 copies for them last year when they launched).

You will below some of the “Close Up” shots from several of our campaigns for them in some of the busiest spots in Lagos.




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