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InterCab – Sticker Advertising  &  Flyer Marketing | April 2019

InterCab – Sticker Advertising & Flyer Marketing | April 2019

We are working with InterCab to solve the problem of bringing InterCab’s ride sharing idea to market. To begin with we needed to have an idea of how to calculate the actual cost of getting a reasonable uptake of this kind of service in Lagos.

Furthermore, trying to launch this concept to the public in Lagos leaves us with a chicken and egg scenario. Drivers will not sign up to the service unless you can say you have a volume of customers wanting to use the service. On the other hand Riders will not use the service unless you have a number of active suppliers engaged and willing to offer cabbing services.

In a nutshell to launching the InterCab service therefore requires a timely bringing together of the two entities, which is a marketing and advertising campaign which we opted to run for a massive discount for up to a month to get people using the service.

Flyers - Outsource your marketing
Flyers – Outsource your marketing

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