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Bus & “Keke” Sticker Advertising | Rapseald Cartel Entertainment

Bus & “Keke” Sticker Advertising | Rapseald Cartel Entertainment


Outdoor advertising tends to be BIG, so you want it to be done right! At SkillPatron, We create outdoor sticker distribution campaigns and sticker advertising that uses your “voice” to share your message in a setting where your ad only has a matter of seconds to convey the message.

Your sticker distribution and outdoor ads will be viewed by customers on-the-go. The ad has just a few seconds to catch someone’s eye and deliver a message. There is a science behind outdoor advertising for just that reason. SkillPatron’s City Marketing Team will apply that science to create outdoor advertising that helps to build your brand awareness or promote your special event.

We want your investment in outdoor advertising to be effective. Contact us @: 09084999920 to talk about your sticker distribution and sticker advertising needs.

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