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TOSSEtech – Transforming Education And Providing World-class Educational Tools

TOSSEtech – Transforming Education And Providing World-class Educational Tools

Total School Support Seminar and Exhibition (TOSSE), hosted by Edumark Consult is Africa’s leading education show running for almost a decade. TOSSE attracts over 6,000 visitors and more than 100 organizations. TOSSEtech operates by connecting key decision makers in the education sector with innovative solutions, products and services for the education sector. It offers a perfect platform for both educators and producers; where educators can get world-class school materials and tools and producers showcase their most recent innovations and educational materials. Parents are equally able to get learning materials and toys for their kids.

TOSSEtech’s primary purpose is aimed at providing a platform to showcase ICT innovations to school owners, administrators and teachers in order to foster effective school management and build quality human capacity.
TOSSEtech 2018 which was a two days program, created a venue for a one on one engagement pitch between school authorities and technology experts, with solutions to solve most of the challenges the sector faces. This was just the kind of program City Marketing covers. In partnership with TOSSEtech, City Marketing carried out a street marketing campaign, distributing flyers in order to spread awareness. 

You can check out their page at  for their next annual seminar. See snapshots of our marketing campaign below.


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