TechQuest: Giving Every African Child the Opportunity to Learn How to program a computer

Its summer break and TechQuest has got the perfect way of keeping all kids occupied.
TechQuest is an information technology company founded in 2015 with the primary aim of equipping children aged 6-16 with the fundamental knowledge of web design and development, animation and game design. These skills will aid them to navigate efficiently in this digital age. Participants undergo an in-depth training focused on computer programming enabling them to develop their problem-solving skills, creative and communication skills. 

TechQuest aims at complementing school learning by introducing kids to the vast world of coding, thus offering them the added advantage of being at the forefront both academically and in the adult world of earning.
TechQuest rolls out top-notch programs like TechQuest Camps and TechQuest Clubs using highly experienced trainers utilizing the following tools: Scratch, HTML and RaspBerry Pi. Check out their page at and learn more about their educative programs available to your children and siblingsSummer Camp: July to September 2018

TechQuest collaborated with City Marketing in order to carry out their street marketing campaign, aimed at creating awareness for their upcoming summer camp. Below are snapshots of our marketing campaign for TechQuest.

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