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GATE Academy: Discover How To Prepare Your Child For Academic Excellence

GATE Academy: Discover How To Prepare Your Child For Academic Excellence

It is said that there is no better investment of time and resources than education. And if you’ve got a kid, the stakes are even higher. How do you entrust the education of your child in the comfort of your home to a total stranger?
GATE Academy understands the dilemma parents go through in picking out top-notch educators who are the same time trustworthy. 

Gate Academy has assembled a wide collection of first-class educators available as private home tutors.
Their aim is to transform the minds of their students, by providing a reliable and accountable platform that benefits, both the tutor and student. They appeal to people from different age groups with diverse needs, from assisting the professional on projects to skill empowerment, private home tutorials and even hire tutors. This way, no one is left out.

Gate Academy has expanded their services to cater to a larger scale, and they included us, City Marketing in their marketing plan. City Marketing distributed 4,000 flyers within a 2-mile radius of the busiest spots in IkoyiLekkiIkotaVGC and residential parts of Victoria Island.
Gate Academy located at 4 Ijesha Close off Coker Road, Off Town planning Way, Ilupeju, Lagos. They are ever ready to hear from you, call 0802 292 8390.

Below are snapshots of our street marketing campaign for Gate Academy.

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